C# Treeview Control

The TreeView control contains a hierarchy of TreeViewItem controls. It provides a way to display information in a hierarchical structure by using collapsible nodes . The top level in a tree view are root nodes that can be expanded or collapsed if the nodes have child nodes.

C# treeview

You can explicitly define the TreeView content or a data source can provide the content. The user can expand the TreeNode by clicking the plus sign (+) button, if one is displayed next to the TreeNode, or you can expand the TreeNode by calling the TreeNode.Expand method. You can also navigate through tree views with various properties: FirstNode, LastNode, NextNode, PrevNode, NextVisibleNode, PrevVisibleNode.

The fullpath method of treeview control provides the path from root node to the selected node.

treeView1.SelectedNode.FullPath.ToString ();

Tree nodes can optionally display check boxes. To display the check boxes, set the CheckBoxes property of the TreeView to true.

treeView1.CheckBoxes = true;

The following C# program shows a simple demonstration of treeview control.

Full Source C#
using System; using System.Drawing; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace WindowsFormsApplication1 { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { TreeNode tNode ; tNode = treeView1.Nodes.Add("Websites"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes.Add("Net-informations.com"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes[0].Nodes.Add("CLR"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes.Add("https://net-informations.com/vb/default.htm"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes[1].Nodes.Add("String Tutorial"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes[1].Nodes.Add("Excel Tutorial"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes.Add("Csharp.net-informations.com"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes[2].Nodes.Add("ADO.NET"); treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes[2].Nodes[0].Nodes.Add("Dataset"); } private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { MessageBox.Show(treeView1.SelectedNode.FullPath.ToString ()); } } }