.Net Framework Vs. .Net Core

The .NET platform provides tools and libraries that allow developers to develop applications and services easier, faster, and more conveniently. It supports two implementations for developing server-side applications :

  1. .NET Framework.
  2. .NET Core.

Both frameworks are very similar but they do have key differences and advantages.

.Net Framework

Dot NET Framework is a framework based on .NET and it supports Windows and Web applications distributed with Windows Operating System. By late 2000, the first beta versions of .Net 1.0 were released. It provides a controlled programming environment where software can be developed, installed and executed on Windows-based operating systems . You can use Windows Forms, WPF, and UWP to build Windows applications in .NET Framework. Also, ASP.NET MVC is used to build Web applications in .NET Framework.

.NET Core

Dot NET Core also a framework based on .NET. It is one of Microsoft's big contributions and released under the MIT License . It is an open-source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub. .NET Core is a cross-platform (supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux) and can be used to build device, cloud , and IoT applications.

.NET Framework Vs. .NET Core

.NET Framework .NET Core
.Net Framework is not open-source. But certain components of the .Net Framework are open source. .Net Core is an open source.
.NET Framework is compatible with the windows operating system. Although, it was developed to support software and applications on all operating systems. .Net Core follows the principle of build-once-run-anywhere. Thus, it is cross-platform. It supports Windows, MacOS, Linux platforms and more
.Net Framework is used for the development of both desktop and web applications as well as it supports windows forms and WPF applications. .Net Core focuses more on Web, Windows Mobile, and Windows Store applications. Currently, it does not support Desktop application development.
.Net Framework is packaged as a whole. All the libraries are bundled together and shipped together. Even if you do not require any library for your application, it still comes as a part of the package. .NET Core is packaged and installed independently of the underlying operating system as it is cross-platform.
High compatibility High performance: improvements over .NET Framework in Collections, Math, Regex, Strings, Files, and more
Develop with Visual Studio using C#, VB, F#. Develop with Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Code using C# or F#.

.Net 5

.NET 5 will be a unified version of all .NET variants , so there will be no need to choose between variants anymore. Produce a single .NET runtime and framework that can be used everywhere and that has uniform runtime behaviours and developer experiences. You will be able to use it to target Windows, Linux , macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and WebAssembly and more.
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