C# and VB.NET

CSharp and VB.NET are the two primary languages used to program on the .NET Framework environment. Both languages are use the same framework and they both precompiled into the same byte code and then it is compiled and run at runtime. So we can say VB.NET and C# are functionally equivalent. Both C# and Visual Basic.NET share structural similarities with other modern high level languages such as Java and C++ .

But both have different in many features. Primarily keywords are different in each other language . C# is case sensitive while Visual Basic .NET is not. In VB.NET "Example" and "example" are same , but in CSHARP "Example" and "example" are two different variable names. Also it is good to remember that C# statements always terminated by a semicolon (;).

The following are some examples of differences between VB.NET and C#.

Single Line Comments :

Multi Line Comments :



VB.Net C#

Operator (Equal)

VB.Net C#


VB.Net C#

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CSharp VB.Net comparison
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