How to Remote Application Configuration

The .NET Remoting allows an application to make a Remotable Object available across remoting boundaries, which includes different processes or even different computers connected by a network. By default the .NET Framework ships with two formatters(Binary Formatter or SOAP Formatter ) and two channels(TcpChannel ,HttpChannel). Formatters and Channel are configured by using Configuration files. It can be easily Configured by using XML-based files.

Configuration provides the necessary information to .Net Remoting Framework . We can provide .Net Remoting configuration parameters in two ways. Either we can provide the information to the Server and the Client directly by program coding or through a Machine.config file.

Using a configuration file is give better advantage over coding because the parameters of remote object can be configured without changing any program coding and avoid recompile the source code.

Following are the information provided by configuration file :

  1. Metadata describing the Remote Type.
  2. Type of Activation.
  3. Channels.
  4. The URL that uniquely identifies the object of that type.

Here we have to provide configuration information to Listener Object and also Client Object .

Listener Configuration


Click here to download TimeListener.exe.config

Client Configuration


Click here to download Client.exe.config
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